Thursday, April 12, 2012

Switch At Birth Inspired Makeup Look

Hello Dollies! 

This is going to be the first of many inspired makeup looks. 

One of my favorite shows at the moment is Switch At Birth, so I decided to do Bay Kennish's look from the show. Bay is played by Vanessa Marano, whose younger sister Laura Marano plays the role of Ally in the Disney show Austin & Ally

Bay Kennish's character finds out that the parents she has known aren't actually her real parents. The Kennish family investigates and finds out that their daughter was switched at birth. The plot goes on, and the other family involved in the switch moves into the spare house on their property. And with them, brings a lot of wonderful drama and surprises!

On to the inspiration: 
Vanessa Marano's character Bay Kennish in Switched At Birth

Here is my look:

-NaturaFaces RosaMimo Lipstick
-Dot Lavender Dove Eye Pencil
-Dot White Collection Eye Pencil
-Dot Spiced Coral Shade Stick
-Dot Cashmere Rose Blush
-Luxe Lipgloss
-Dot Sunset Gold Eyeshadow
-Dot Marigold Eyeshadow
-Dot Dusk's Kiss Eyeshadow

Comment your opinions, questions, and suggestions for future looks!


  1. Hey! :P Vanessa Marano is in the clique movie :D

  2. I think you should do Dianna Agron (Glee) tutorial. -Writer Lizzie2135

  3. Remember that you can only publish one post per day because there are many others posts that need to be read!

    1. Yes, sorry, in my timezone this post was posted actually after midnight so for me it was a new day! I'll make sure to keep them spaced from now on ;)